Dealing with type-2 diabetes is hard enough; imagine the pain of knowing you have developed bladder cancer because of the medications you have taken to treat your type-2 diabetes. Unfortunately, studies have discovered that taking the medication Actos to treat type-2 diabetes has increased patients’ chances of developing bladder cancer, especially if they have taken the medication for more than a year.

Actos, with the generic name pioglitazone, is manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceuticals specifically for treatment of type-2 diabetes. Although it excelled against its competitions in treating the ailment, studies have found out that the company failed to warn patients and doctors of its adverse effects, particularly its link to bladder cancer. Because of this, patients who have developed bladder cancer have filed claims with their Actos lawyers to get proper compensation for all their pain and suffering.

If you or any of your loved ones have type-2 diabetes and have taken Actos, there are ways in helping you determine if you have bladder cancer or not. The most obvious and common symptom is having blood in the urine. Pain during urination is also a tell-tale sign, as well as frequent urination. If you have trouble urinating, it can also be a sign of bladder cancer, while fatigue, abdominal pain and lower back pain can also be something to consider. Even so, patients taking Actos should not wait for these symptoms to be present or felt; it would be better to just go to their doctor and get tested.

Although bladder cancer can be treatable, it is still a heavy physical and psychological burden to bear; dealing with type-2 diabetes along with bladder cancer can cause even greater physical and emotional pain, all while exhausting your finances. Making the manufacturer responsible for their negligence and disregard of their patients’ health is one way to ensure that these things are prevented. An Actos lawyer can considerably increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.